Helping Dollar Tree!

So yesterday after we got off we went to Walmart and Dollar Tree. Well when we parked I looked up and there was a kitten hiding under a van. I jumped out and started calling for her. She was very hesitant. So I stood up and got some cheese we just bought and set some on the ground. She didn’t hesitate after that. She was so skinny. I felt bad for the poor girl. So I got up and went inside Dollar Tree and bought her a can a friskies soft food. Michael bought two bowls and brought them to me. We put food and water in them and placed them under a bush to keep it cool. We stayed there for several minutes. But then he got ready to leave. I didn’t want to leave her. But we had no where to put her. Our house is already full as it is. So we got in the truck to leave and it was eating at me. I felt like I could have done more for her. I beat myself up all the way home. Then Michael wanted to make me happy and stop me from beating myself up. So we went back for her. We decided that we would keep her until we found her a home. So we got there and she moved down the road a little bit but we found her. She came right up to him when I started calling for her. She wasn’t crazy about the car ride but she was really good. She would crawl up my shoulder when she would freak out a little more. We got her home and she was attached to me.

So I hope I find her a loving home. She’s just as sweet as can be. She deserves a loving home.

We named her Dollar Tree just so wedidn’t have to say “that cat” or “her”.

Seeing her and helping her makes me want to open my cat shelter just that much more!



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