It’s Official!

So for a really long time I’ve been wanting to go look at a place that I’ve had in mind to have Michael and my wedding ceremony and reception at. It’s a little bit away but something about it felt right and I couldn’t let it go. I tried to move on from it and find a closer venue but it just wasn’t working. Nothing I found was as beautiful AND cheap as the one I had in mind.
Well after we got on our feet and got things going in the right direction, we were finally able to find a way to get down there and look.
We drove all the way there and we walked around the entire area. It was breath taking. I had so many ideas for everything. After walking around for a while we went up to the office and talked with the woman behind the desk. I got a set price and loads of information that made me more and more excited.
After we left I was talking to Michael about it and I told him that it had so much beauty that we wouldn’t have to decorate it all that much. If we did decorate it a lot then it would take away from the beauty of it and I really didn’t want that. He totally agreed.
Ever since then we’ve gotten so much more excited about it. We know exactly where we are getting married, it’s official!!!