Christmas Giving!

So Christmas has passed. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!
I had a great Christmas. I saw some people I haven’t seen in a long time. Oh how I missed them. Michael and I played Santa Claus. We went to Ruston and gave everyone their presents. Most of the people we went to, wasn’t even expecting anything from us. We got Nickelback, Smokey, and our new puppy Alistair gifts. They all love them.
Alistair is a pit/husky mix. He is absolutely adorable. He can be a handful sometimes. But what puppy isn’t.
We got Alistair several chew toys and a huge bed. He’s a little small for it but he’s going to grow into it. He loves it either way. He has his favorite chew toy too. He hardly touches the others. As long as he’s happy doesn’t matter what he touches and what he doesn’t touch.
Nickelback and Smokey got toys for me to play with them with and cat shelves. OH I’m so happy that they finally have shelves. I’ve been wanting to get them some for so long. They don’t use them as much as I’d hope but I’m sure with time they will.

I love Christmas. I love giving. I honestly don’t care if I get gifts, watching people open their gifts is the best gift. I love making people happy. Christmas is such a lovely holiday. It’s not about what you got or what you didn’t get. It’s about giving to others. It’s about spending time with those you love.
I got Michael so many things. There was one gift that made him so happy that he cried. I’m so happy that I could make him that happy. He got me exactly what I wanted, picture frames. All I wanted was something to make this place more homey. Give this place our own touch. We will be getting pictures printed very soon. We have made this place look so much better and with each day, we’re making it better and better.

What did everyone give this Christmas? Did it make you happy to watch others open their present? Was spending time with your family enough? Tell me about your Christmas! 🙂

Some People Say I’d Be A Great Therapist! But I Don’t Know…

Oh how the passed few weeks or so has been really draining and overwhelming lately. I couldn’t shake it. I had no control over my emotions. Just when I would get a hold of one, it’d change to something else. It was maddening.
Some said it was because of the two solar flares and the full moon. I don’t know if I believe that that would effect me. But then again I know that the last eclipse REALLY messed me up. So I suppose it is possible. Well anything really is.
So I guess I woke up on the right side of the bed, so to speak. My moods are back in my control. I feel calmer then usual. I feel blissful.
Oh how i miss being blissful. I wasn’t even getting the full blissful effect from Man, which honestly saddened me. Always before if I needed some stability I would go cuddle with Man for a few minutes and instantly I would feel better. But passed few weeks it wasn’t working.
But yesterday after I got off work I came home and that’s all I did. I cuddled with him for what felt like hours. Time seemed to drag on but fly by at the same time, not sure how that’s possible but it’s how it felt. The effect wasn’t immediate but I think it did a great effect on me.
I woke up practically singing and dancing. Singing and dancing at 4 in the morning, who does that?
I do apparently. I couldn’t help it. I felt, and still do, amazing.
The main song I keep on repeat was a new song I found a few days ago. It’s called “Miss Movin’ On” by Fifth Harmony. I lost count on how many times I listened to it in a row. I don’t ever get tired of listening to it.
So since I feel so great, I decided to spread some of the bliss.

If you feel like you can’t get passed an obstacle or if you just aren’t feeling great I want to take a few minutes and slow down.
Take a few minutes and think of the great things in life. No matter how small, think about them. Try not to think about all the horrible things or what has gone wrong. I know it’s hard to see the positive/good when you aren’t feel so. But once you start seeing the positive’good. You will soon to feel it. The negative will begin disappearing. It may not make it go away predominately but it will help with a temporary fix.
If this works for you, pass it on to someone else. Stranger, friends, or family. It doesn’t matter. Let’s help make everyone around you feel the positive feeling that you do.
If this doesn’t work then find a good friend or even a pet and just talk. Doesn’t have to be about all the troubles in the world. Just talk and be consumed in the conversation and forget the world. Forget about the complications and worries. Forget it all. Focus on the conversation at hand. We all want someone who will listen and someone who will let you talk for however long you need. Rambling on and on for hours, always helps me.
If nothing above helps you go for a walk with someone you love. You don’t have to talk, you can just enjoy each others’ company and being around nature.
But if all fails then maybe what you need most is a good cry. Not one you force or lasts a minute or two. Truly cry, let it out. Don’t stop it from pouring out. Just cry. Crying isn’t showing you are weak. Crying is natural. Every single person crying at some point in their life. Let your mind wonder, it will take you down a road that will make you really sad but maybe that’s the road you need to go down the most.
One of the above should help you in the smallest part. I hope it does. I really do. So keep the positive flow. As I’ve said once before in a post, Positive mind makes for positive outcome.