A Bit Of Rambling.

Later today Michael and I will be rearranging our living room around. How our living room is now, there’s no room for what we’re getting at Black Friday. He’s been wanting it for a long time. We can actually afford it now. How could I deny him it?

I love working at Haskell’s. Some people that get paid what we do, may not be enough. But to us, we feel rich. We were so broke and fighting so hard for so long with no income and having to relie on everyone for everything. Now the only thing we depend on someone for is a ride. But next week Michael will be working on that. So we won’t even be doing that for much longer. It feels so good to not depend on anyone but ourselves. We’ve come a long way. I’m so proud of us. We overcame so many obstacles. We couldn’t have done it without so many people. I’m so thankful for every single one of them every day. Since we started working, things have been a lot smoother and less stressful. There’s no guilt or self-hate for depending on others. I don’t have to worry about my babies not having food or anything. THANK YOU AGAIN TO EVERYO WHO HELPED!!!!¬†

Long Over Due Update :)

So once again it’s been awhle since I’ve posted. All I do is work lately and when I get home I’m just so exhausted. But there is some good news though. Yesterday I got my wedding dress!!!! All I need is the ribbon, slip, and bra. Then I can try it on and make sure it fits! I felt so beautiful in it when I tried it on. Then next on list is venue. We will be going to my first choice of location soon. It’s booked for the date we want but we both still want to check it out. If it meets our expections then we will move the date back. But I think it will go above and beyond my expections. He’s already planning the honeymoon but he won’t tell me what were doing or where we going. Some other good news is we got another addition to our family. We got a pit bull and husky mix puppy. We named him Alistair. He is such a goof ball. Oh yea an update on my book, waiting on Copyrights Office. There’s been some minor problems but I will get it worked out. I will get my book published one way or another. ¬†Life is still good. Little drama here and there but that’s life. I’m so happy with my little family and my wonderful friends.