Life Is Good!!!!

So it’s been a really long time since I’ve posted. I’ve been busy or tired.
Michael and I got a heads up from his Mamaw that she was going to be retiring in two weeks.
Every day since we found out, we went up there and trained. Monday we will be getting our first paycheck. Yay!
We have money already saved up in a jar from tips. We’ve been told we have really turned the place around. The regular customers told that it’s cleaner and has a better vibe.
So October will be our first month to pay all of our bills! It feels so good to say that! We’ve fought against every situation that came at us and look at us now, standing tall! I’m so grateful for that job every day! I’m so grateful for Mr. Haskell and his Mamaw for giving us the job! Life has been so much easier and happier. We have calculated our bill amount and compared it to how much we’ll get paid. We will have extra money to set aside for wedding and still have enough for Black Friday and Christmas. Which that just makes it that much better!!
Things with empath side of things, have been better too. Nothing has been as strong as they use to be. I’m aware of it before it effects me. Which helps with the mood swings!
Also my friend, Dani, will be getting Ana’s kittens! It should be sometime this month! She’s going to love them! I hate to see them go but I know they’re in great hands! So that helps with the heartache.
So life has been oh so good. Thank you to all who has helped or believed in Michael and me both! 🙂