It’s All About Man!


Today is all about my warrior kitty!
On this day two years ago, I was given the greatest gift I could ever receive! The day I got him was a wonderful day! When that day started I didn’t know just how special it was going to be. He has made every day since then full of love and happiness! It didn’t and still doesn’t matter how bad my day was, the moment I see him it becomes a great day!
So today we are celebrating! I’m going to make him a special treat! He’s going to get anything and everything he wants (more then normal). I’m going to show him just how special he is to me. I love Man more than anything!  He is my child! He is my world! I love him with every ounce of my body! There isn’t a thing in this world that I wouldn’t do for him! I will always hold him close and cherish every moment! I love you baby boy!

It’s So Nice!

It’s so nice to be out of Bastrop! It’s nice to be around my friends again! I don’t hang out with them much due to distance. So when I do hang with them I take the chance every time. Most days I’m stuck at the house, though I’m very grateful I have a house, but sitting there day in and day out is very draining. I don’t, hardly, see anyone besides Michael. So for the night and most of tomorrow I will be spending it with my best friend! It’s so refreshing, not only socially but emotionally!  Everything seems to be working out. Hopefully the road ahead of us with be smooth for a while!

The “Man”!

I love my baby boy! He’s so silly some times. He will beg and beg for food. But as soon as I give in, like I always do, he smells it then walks away. If he doesn’t do that then he will smell it, sit up then swipe at it. Then bat it around for several minutes then eat it. It makes me laugh every time.
I love cats! They always get themselves into sticky situation and into some abnormal positions! They’re so majestic! Even when they’re just walking through the house, they carry themselves so well.
So do you have a silly kitty in your life? What makes your kitty so silly?

What Is Your Opinion?

So I do a lot of blogging about my life so I thought today I would do something a little different. 

I know that this topic can be touchy, but I’m curious to know everyone’s opinion on the matter. Abortion. 
I’m going to tell my personal opinion. No one should be offended by others’ opinions. So I don’t want any controversy over this. 

So my opinion on it is neither against nor for it. Somewhere in the middle. 
Yes I think that it should be illegal after a certain point. Once the baby has organs, he/she is a human. So killing he/she should be illegal. Because, well, it is illegal after he/she delivered. So what is so different between a newborn and a fetus, that makes it not illegal? At the same time I feel as if it should be up to the woman to decide whether she wants to or not. It’s her life and body that’s changing. So who am I to judge or spectate whether she should or shouldn’t? 
Also there is always adoption. The woman can deliver the baby then put him/her up for adoption. There are plenty of people out there that can’t or don’t want to have their own baby. 

Do you agree with my opinion? If not, what is your opinion?

More Forbidden And Friends!

Exciting new about Forbidden, I have submitted my application for the copyrights. 
I will now have to wait roughly three months for the approval or denial. Though I don’t see why I would be denied. But crazier things have happened. 
So by then everything should be ready to publish. 

Today was a good day. I spent majority of the day with one of my friends from high school. I haven’t spent much time with her past few months. But doesn’t matter either way, we both had a good day. We mostly walked and talked. It was nice to just talk and not be rushed for once. I hope we will find time to do it more often.  🙂